LeBlanc Designs Custom Airbrush & Design
LeBlanc Designs have created custom airbrush designs for goalie masks, motorcycle helmets and tanks and even guitars. If you have an airbrush design in mind, please contact us for more information.

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Mathieu Corbeil
Utica Comets
Mathieu wanted to incorporate GSP and Floyd Mayweather onto his Comets mask. Both fighters fit well on the side.

Ashley MacKay
Ashley is a big Leafs fan, so he wanted to pay tribute on his mask. And add a touch of Iron Man as well.

Candy Flames
Scott came to us in the winter with some issues on the stock paint job on his tank. We redid the flames in a candy finish to match up with the rest of the bike.

  •  Blues


  •  Cole Harbour

    Cole Harbour

  •  Saint John Corbeil

    Saint John Corbeil

  •  Saint John Corbeil

    Saint John Corbeil

  •  Griffins


  •  Halifax Grondon

    Halifax Grondon

  •  Flames


  •  Metallica


  •  Potvin


  •  North Bay Rafuse

    North Bay Rafuse

  •  Truro Scola

    Truro Scola

  •  Hawks Bower

    Hawks Bower

  •  Captain Crunch

    Captain Crunch

  •  East Hants

    East Hants

  •  Moncton Marion

    Moncton Marion

  •  Truro Marion

    Truro Marion

  •  NFLD Thunder

    NFLD Thunder

  •  Ghostbusters PB

    Ghostbusters PB

  •  Moose Racer

    Moose Racer

  •  Sydney Steelers

    Sydney Steelers

  •  Halifax Terenzio

    Halifax Terenzio

  •  Canada Bower

    Canada Bower

  •  Sanford


  •  Nova Scotia Bailey

    Nova Scotia Bailey

  •  Ryan


  •  Halifax Army

    Halifax Army

  •  Fender Gold Top

    Fender Gold Top

  •  Les Paul Sun Burst

    Les Paul Sun Burst